Blank Page

I’m back again, at least momentarily. I thought that since I have continued to write things, I might as well publish them. After all, who knows if something I pen may actually serve to help someone else. And if that occurred, success would also.

Blank Page


What if the blank page is what I need?

a way to express, to see and to feel,

don’t stress the technical,

exhale the spiritual.


Let flowage occur,

just make and release,

the give and the take,

that make men great.


Think on the truth,

renew the choice,

here with artists’ blood,

in the ink, their voices.


Some call out to run,

they say the dark is the way,

others stand silent,

refusing the fray.


Each artist a person,

each person a life,

every life a search,

every search, insight.


We try to share,

we seek to care,

but success is individual,

and only God is fair.

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