On a Basic Level

On a basic level, why cannot we as humans look at one another as equals? As the same? We are all humans. Different perhaps in appearance. Unique in personality, way of thinking, emotionally. And yet, fundamentally we are the same. Science backs this up. A human is a human, nothing more, nothing less.

It is the result of this mindset that I am always categorically confused at the injustice, the hatred, and the simple rudeness that exists in society. It is hard for me to wrap my head around the high percentage of persons who do not practice essential manners and charity towards others. It is not a question of religion, of believing or not believing in God, it is merely a question of believing that every person you encounter is just that, a person. Why can’t we accept this notion, and accept those around us? Humans are all the same, at least on fundamental or basic levels. Let’s live like it.

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