This poem touches on an array of topics including the over-reaching theme of much of my writing; the hypothesis that new experiences are not only essential for human development but also the basis for pretty much everything. Read this. Don’t get pushed away by the implementation of dialogue. As The Dude would say: “come on man…”



Experiences are the fuel for all,

for poetry, prose, and jokes,

for intellectual discourse and banter,

brainy fools, ingenious blokes.


“Ah,” says the wise man,

“Bah,” states the humbug,

one letter can change a word,

one decision can change the world.


I decide to run and you decide to stay,

outlaws face priests, united in black,

but stark contrast in speech and in act.


The predictability of humans leaves me wanting,

desiring difference, a need to be unique,

the rebel carrying a cause,

a cause that always haunts.

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