Ease and Comfort

It is both interesting and a bit saddening to me that the vast majority of the views I have been receiving has been reserved for my poetry. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that people are perusing and seemingly enjoying the poetry. That being said, my self-titled “thought pieces,” which in essence get at many of the same topics and ideas, receive only a smattering of views in comparison. Why is this? Is it that poetry is easier to read? Or that the people visiting my blog are only here for the poetry?

I’m inclined to believe that the reason may just be rooted in human laziness. We never want to do what’s hard, we are constantly looking for the easy way out, the shortcut, comfort. And the easy thing to do here would be to merely attribute laziness to human nature and be done. C’est la vie and all that. But ease and comfort is not why I write. Ease and comfort is not what I seek. And ease and comfort is not why I’m living.

Have you ever wondered about those who achieve greatness? Artists, public figures, simple men and women. It is not a state in life, a litany of principles, or an identical diet which unite the greats. And it’s definitely not a life centered around material well-being. The difference an individual can make on this earth is downright incredible. And that individual can be me, or you, or anyone who actually has the desire and drive to do so. So what am I saying? I’m sounding the trumpets for society. I’m calling everyone to live both deliberately and passionately. I’m calling for more of us to join the greats. I’m calling on you to read my thought pieces.

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