Essential Exchange

This poem I wrote while on a mountainside the other day. It struck me that we all can have that experience of beauty when we encounter certain things in nature, and life in general. Every time we have such an experience, I think we take something and leave something. This exchange is what this poem is about.

Essential Exchange

A path, a fence, a field,

division of man and beast.

Structure faces beauty,

man’s contribution, in between.

Yellow petals, golden grass,

muted green trees, sparrows pass.

A purple splendor, flower of Eden,

always belonging, never fits.

Breathe in beauty, breathing beauty,

needed by all, held by few.

Take the good, leave the ill,

the empty part of us, must be filled.

The essential exchange, an exchange overlooked,

an intangible union, not conjugal, not not.

Opening of self to accept,

that which is in all, but all isn’t, a dilemma.

For dreamers, an answer worth answering,

beauty is beauty, not a feeling, not a thing.

Taste, touch, hearing, and sight,

a search incomplete, existence or life?

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