Waiting for Genius

Here I go again, sitting here with fingers poised above keys, waiting for genius. The wait may be long. And so I do what I always do…I simply begin writing. How often is it that writing does not occur because we are waiting for that perfect idea or concept to strike us? Screw that. A stream of consciousness is a powerful thing. It does not matter if it is coming out of a street-wise punk or a seasoned intellectual, it has the power to affect others profoundly. It is a true glimpse into the nature and personality of another.

Humans are inherently interested and inherently interesting. Our subjective nature makes us all at least slightly different and because of this, logically speaking, we should never grow bored with humans. And yet, I find those who compose mainstream society to be incredibly predictable. The location might be different, but the lifestyle is the same. It may be a different Starbucks that you visit every morning on the way to your office, but it is still a Starbucks and still an office job. The common person is united with others in that he or she glides through life, seeking self-gratification and momentary happiness, without ever digging deeply into anything that truly matters. Where are the dreamers? Where are the seekers? Where are those who are not able to put up with mainstream society? Where are those who are suffocated by the accepted norms, the established etiquette, the conventional way of life? It is only these people who will truly make a difference in this world.

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