It’s Midnight Somewhere

The cleansing power of tears is something that is hard for the mind to grasp. And yet, there it is. How many people have wept at midnight? How many tears have been shed at the dark 12? A connecting force throughout humanity. We all grieve, we all suffer. We all wish to avoid such things, but it is because of this seemingly inherent repulsion directed towards sorrow that we miss out on something real. Sorrow. Agony. Real shit. A person knows they are truly alive when they experience these things.

How many times have you questioned what is real and what is false? What is authentic and what is fake? Hypocrites fill this world to overflowing. They flood society with their false lives as they exist their way through life. Disregarding true beauty, settling for fragments and illusions. An illusion of an experience instead of the real thing. Give me what is real. Give me what hurts. Let me feel sorrow. Let me scream into the dark. Let me weep bitter tears at midnight.

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