A Night of Pain

This poem I wrote on my last road trip, a trip which took me from Virginia to California and back again. It is an attempt to encompass many things including: the futility of materialism, the power of a simplistic and minimalistic lifestyle, the strangeness one encounters in life, and the finality of human mortality. Whether or not it succeeds in this attempt is for the reader to decide for himself or herself.

A Night of Pain

The drifter turned from the church and

strode down the crowded road,

a road filled with hopes and dreams, taxes and loads.


No satchel nor pack,

distractions he lacked,

but the loner carried sanity,

a thing hidden from the majority.


It is a few who live,

it is all who die,

the deathbed is sure,

unrelenting linen paves the way to more

than the leathers and denim can spurn.


Tramps with trumpets,

parading with purpose,

making separates one,

leading others amiss.


But failure is so real

and success so fleeting,

a life defined by a moment,

a moment of weakness.


Countless days of light,

one night of darkness,

shadows rule the universe

and the sun ceases to rise.


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